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This is an era of digital technology, smartphones, and interconnectivity through social media. There are always the positive and negative adaption of the functional values of digital technology. There is always the untold story of millennial who face the challenges raising of the technical addictions. Although the embracing of online resources that are available on your doorstep is also mandatory but discussing their drawback is also part of the discussion. Here is the concept of digital detox, which talks about the health concerns of the millennial, though the technology which is the compelling solution that emerged immensely.


Millennials are the ones who were born in between the years of 1981 to experience the digital era they are considered as one of the first generation. In their generation, technology takes an excessive turn, although it brought massive interconnectivity and convenience, but it also bring conduct in a host of huge health concern which need to be catered timely

Policies of the Digital Detox:

Sensible utilization:

When there is a sensible utilization, then there will be the proper scheduling of the content, and the limitation of the mindless scrolling leads to the effective knowledgeable
social media experience. Unfollow the media account, which navigates the
negative and wrong influence on one’s mind, or creates the unnecessary
comparison that reflect only negative or nothing else.

Technology free space:

There is a need for the places in your personal house where there are zones that are actually tech free and are relevant to creating some meaning full boundaries among the digital technology or places free from them. Encourage book reading: There is a need to have a library in your house or a mandatory visit to it to explore the positive side of the world other than the means of technology. Spending meaning full time outdoor even places where there are greenery plants and natural retreats to make your mind sound and more productive. This all phenomenon gives you the tech free peaceful mind.


Technology has been a great invention for the people throughout the world. Everyone has been influenced with the technology in both good and bad way. Youngsters now days are mostly effected by the technology because the excessive use of mobile phones makes them addicted to it and they suffer from distractions and they could not focus on their studies and their daily life. A better practice for using social media should be that parents should schedule the screen time of their children to help them be productive and focused to their work. Other than that they should educate their children about the health hazards they can suffer from if they keep wasting their precious time on social media and how they can invest their times on other things which can help them in long run.

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