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A narcissistic type of the mother will portray the disorder of NPF, which is a narcissistic personality disorder.
They consider their children as an add-on to their personality. Also, their mindset is to invest in the good of their children only to polish their personalities there is no direct cause of their children well being is there.

Impact of Child’s Mental And Emotional Landscape:

It is the vigorous force that interpreted the very high influence on the minds of their children. They shed a toxic light on the emotional intelligence of their child. The effect of their behavior on the children is long-term.

The Outlines Of Maternal Narcissism:

There is always an absence of empathy and admiration for their children. This mother casts a dark shadow on their children’s mental health. These children start considering their selves as less self-worthy, which overshadows the whole process of development of their sense of empathy in their selves. It is so obvious that the mother’s personality and way of upbringing prism and shadow the development of their children. Narcissistic mothers sculpt the whole way of the foundation of their toxic and negative personality into their children, which affects their whole life and their surroundings.

Intergenerational Pattern For Explanation:

This is another whole new explanation that adds a layer to the narrative of this topic. We see that the mother is not solely a victim of facing emotional misbalance, but along with herself, she takes her children’s and her family’s fought with those emotional challenges and landscapes.
This disorder needs to be to gently as an increment in the symptoms will lead to an explosion for the whole family tree.


Mother Narcissism reflects the enduring effect on the good being of her child’s mental and emotional health. It is very much mandatory to understand the whole perspective and exploration of it for this we need to break the intergenerational levels and nurture the development of the plant of emotional intelligence among the members who face this issue.

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