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Coming off a Super Bowl loss last season, it was no secret that the Philadelphia Eagles had aspirations of getting another chance at the Lombardi Trophy this season.    On paper, they seemed loaded on both sides of the ball.     Furthermore, the Eagles were fortunate enough to get Jalen Carter as the 9th overall pick to bolster the Eagles defensive line.  

Even though their offensive and defensive coordinators left to take head-coaching jobs, the Eagles were still seen as many as Super Bowl contenders.  At the present moment, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one person that will say that the Eagles are going anywhere near a Lombardi Trophy.

Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the lowly Arizona Cardinals 35-31 after being up by double digits in the second quarter.    Furthermore,  the head coach of the Cardinals was their former defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon.    That is cruel irony.

After starting the season 10-1, the Philadelphia Eagles have lost four of their last five games.  They look like a team that has been figured out.   

It appears that San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa was right after all.    After the 49ers defeated the Eagles 42-19, Bosa declared that the 49ers showed the rest of the NFL how to beat the Eagles.   Since then, the only win that the Eagles have had was an unconvincing 33-25 win over the Giants on Christmas Day.

The main reason for the current downfall of the Philadelphia Eagles lies is the decline of their passing defense.   Presently, the Eagles are 28th in the NFL in passing yards allowed per game.   Last year, the Eagles were 1st in the NFL in passing yards allowed per game under ex-defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon.

The Eagles’s secondary have gone from a huge asset in 2022 to a major liability in 2023.

Furthermore, the Eagles aren’t putting as much pressure on the quarterback like they did last year either.    Last year, the Eagles led the NFL in sacks per game with 3.9.    This year, they are 16th in the NFL in sacks per game with 2.6.

The issues on the defensive end forced Nick Sirianni to take playcalling duties away from defensive coordinator Sean Desai and hand them to Matt Patricia.   he    Based on the outcome of Sunday’s stunning defeat to the Cardinals, it appears that this move has not alleviated any of their issues defensively.

The Eagles’ recent decline has allowed the Cowboys to be in the drivers’ seat as far as winning the NFC East is concerned.  I don’t see the Eagles beating any NFC team in the postseason right now.

A season filled with great promise has now turned into a horror film that should only be seen by mature audiences.  

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